Arrested for attempted street theatre

Watch the video: Arrested for attempted street theatre

On the eve of the royal nuptials I was arrested with two accomplices outside my house, accused of  ‘conspiracy to cause a public nuisance’. We’d been loading a van with props for a street theatre performance, intended as our contribution to Friday’s wedding celebrations in Central London. Our arrest seemed outrageous but also absurd: none of us quite knew whether to laugh or cry. They jumped out at us simultaneously from several vehicles, about 25 officers in all. Bundled into a police van and driven away, I was kept in Lewisham Police Station for 25 hours. They confiscated all our stage props, notably ‘Government of the Dead’ banner, wooden guillotine and comic effigy of Prince Andrew. They searched my house three separate times and rummaged through my car. They confiscated my mobile phone plus computer memory stick, items they still possess. At 8.00 pm on the evening of the wedding, we were finally released on bail. Having found nothing to incriminate any of us, the police were unable to press charges. Despite this, our bail conditions were severe: apparently we’ll be arrested if spotted on any march, demonstration or rally in the Greater London area during the next six weeks. The Detective Sergeant who signed off my bail conditions was from ‘SO15 – Counter Terrorism Command’. Apparently, street theatre falls under the category of terrorism.


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