Chris Knight (O.R.E.Z.) Order of the Royal Exclusion Zone

Woke up this morning to exciting news. An extraordinary honour may be awaiting me – unless the lucky recipient is my young friend Ian Bone. Anyway, rumours abound that following my recent ITV daybreak interview, Home Secretary Theresa May is preparing an EXCLUSION ORDER banning me from joyfully celebrating Kate and Wills’ big day! I just read this on Ian’s blog:


Just watched a fractious House of Commons debate Saturday’s protests. My…my…they’re more rattled than I thought. Theresa May is considering bringing in football hooligan style banning orders for anarchist hooligans to prevent them protesting!! She’s also considering revising the 1886 Riot Act. Meanwhile the labour front bench was screaming that she should ensure that all the UNCUT UK occupiers should be remanded in custody. The worst kind of hurried legislation and panicky demands for repressive action. The whole semi-hysterical mood was in response to the actions of the Black Bloc. The TUC march woudn’t have got two seconds. What, comrades, does that tell our young people about how to make effective protests? Who will have the glory of being the first banned anarchist hooligan? Dame Glory beckons Professor Knight! The prospect of the first banned hooligan being 68 years old will be priceless!”


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