Reflections on March 26

When the Armed Wing of the TUC reached Parliament, why on earth did we just move on past? We should have lived up to our great poster and stopped there and then. I blame myself for not thinking fast enough on my feet. I’m sure the Camberwell Art College students carrying the Trojan Horse would happily have put him down for a while. In fact, they did put him down. There was huge excitement and we were magnificently placed. We had surprised ourselves by arriving so quickly, after being encouraged by some supportive senior police to take a shortcut across Westminster Bridge instead of going all the way round over Blackfriars and back. Just behind us was a mass of RMT members, FBU members and other elated trade unionists. As they approached the horse, their horns and hoots and whistles and cries were deafening. If the great Horse had just stopped on the corner for a bit, I believe that within twenty minutes any police attempts to kettle him would have led to such a scrum that Parliament Square would have been spectacularly liberated. As it was, the horse stopped for five minutes and then decided to move on. An opportunity missed. I blame myself.


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One Response to Reflections on March 26

  1. Mike says:

    No need to feel bad. Carry on being creative and the genius you are… it’s gonna happen mate

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